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The best thing to happen to bikes

For every style of riding, there are awesome options with eBike versions, the choices are huge! There are so many reasons to love eBikes. Time to get back out and enjoy all the awesome things about cycling, but now you can ride longer, faster and because you love it.. you will ride more often. Some of the reasons eBikes are awesome:

Welcome back For many cyclists eBikes have opened a world of cycling that they felt had long been closed off. You are never too old or too out of shape with eBike. Every adventure that can be had on a bike, can be had on a eBike. We love cycling comeback stories and the smiles!

They are great for fitness Sometimes you just need a hand, to slowly get in shape and rebuild confidence. An eBike is a loyal fitness partner. Not to be confused with a motor bike, there is no accelerator. As you apply pressure to the pedals the bike joins in, together taking on the challenges. And when you a bit more of hand to get over hills or make the distance . you have a willing partner on board.

They are social Next time you see a group rolling down a rail trail or out on the paths, see if you can spot the eBike, it will probably be in there! eBikes connect people, they enable cyclists of all abilities to enjoy a ride together. Life got in the way of your road bike fitness? No problem, we have you covered, get back on your group and enjoy the awesome social side of cycling. 

Commuting No brainer and the way to keep your transport costs down annually. Put a bag on your rack, head to town or work.

They will change mountain biking Todays dual suspension eBikes are simply weapons. Lighter with no compromise on equipment and shocks. Ride further, do more runs, ride more often. 

They are safe No accelerator means no runaway bikes. eBikes are pedal assisted, so when you stop pedalling so does the assistance.

Come into store and start discussing your cycling plans with the team. Jump on board and try one, it will be the best thing to happen to your cycling!

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