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Bikes are smile machines

There is a good chance bikes have changed since you last rode or bought one. The other thing that you may not have noticed has changed is the amazing places that have been created to ride one. From rail trails to river trails our region offers some of the worlds best cycling, so it's time you went out and grabbed a big piece of the fun!

We want to get you on the right bike. and to do this we need to understand your cycling. You may be a committed commuter looking to upgrade, or a slightly nervous returnee to riding after many years away. Our aim is to understand you as a cyclist and  take you on a journey through your options and choices. It is not one size fits all, you are unique.

What you can be sure of though, is we have the bike for you, within your budget, along with all the tips and support for you to start living your plan. It is seriously awesome to be a cyclist.

Our Brands

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