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Your next mountain bike

There was a time when a mountain bike... was a mountain bike. Thats not the world we live in today! The designed and engineered for purpose bikes of today deliver amazing performance, exactly where you want it. And for those that are not so adventurous or are starting out, some fantastic bikes are designed for you too.  The key is to get the right bike, wrong characteristics with the wrong type of rider is a trail fail!

The team at Comet Cycles knows mountain bikes, we ride them, race them and love them! Here are some things to consider:

Where are you planing to ride and how often? Cruising some fire trails or getting some shuttles in? 

Where is your fitness at? Todays eBikes are amazing. Don't miss out on trails and runs, your will ride longer and more often with an eBike.

Where are your skills at? Some bikes are more forgiving than others, selecting a bike that meets your skills is important.

What is your budget? Whats our favourite bike? A hard tail. It's a bang for buck do everything bike, massive value and fun. 

You have to service and maintain You can push these bikes hard but you need to show some love.

Come in and meet the team. Start working through your plan and ensuring you get the set up that is right for you. 

Our Brands

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