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Buying a Road Bike

The thoroughbreds of the tarmac! Even for a seasoned road rider the choices are many, and often there are a number of decisions and compromises to be made. At Comet Cycles we are passionate about getting you on the right bike to meet your needs, therefore take the time to start discussing your plans and understanding the options with the team. But to get you started, here are some things to start working through.

Am I going to ride with others and where do I plan to rode? One of the first things we want to understand is that you are a road bike rider and not more suited to a gravel bike. Road bikes can be one dimensional in that they really want a sealed surface, therefore if you need a bike to be adaptabe first and foremost we need to work through are you a gravel or road bike rider.  If you plan to ride in groups then you need a bike that can maintain the speed of the group, yet offer you as much comfort as possible.

Budget There are some awesome entry level road bikes that are perfect for kick starting your road riding. Generally these bikes offer alloy frames which is a lightweight and robust material, awesome for new riders. Alloy bikes have a huge following for tough criterium racing bikes so there is still awesome performance to be achieved on a budget. Over time as your cycling develops there are upgrades that can lift the bikes performance.

Speed or Endurance There are some unbelievably fast and lightweight road bikes, our bike brands are winning the biggest races in the world, so if fast is you what you want, then we have you covered. Be warned, fast comes at a compromise of comfort, to be fast the bike will have aggressive geometry that enables the rider to hold a more aerodynamic position. A tighter frame geometry also creates nimble handling and faster acceleration, the compromise is a rougher ride. These bikes are made to win races.

Endurance bikes offer amazing ride compliance and handling, forgiving ride positions and all day comfort. Straight line speed and climbing is not compromised, with lightweight frames and wheels. These bikes love to taking you riding all day. 

We are passionate road cyclists. Take the time to discuss your needs with us and work through what is the best set up for you personally. 

Our Road Brands

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