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Freedom and independence machines

Outdoors, exercise, fun, skills and freedom. It's a right of passage to have a bike for every kid. Riding a bike is about confidence, building it, not losing it, therefore the right bike at all stages of your child's riding is key.

A bike that fits them and they feel confident to start adventuring on is an absolute must. A bike that is hard to find your balance and control erodes confidence at any age.


It is tough to get the trade off between allowing some growth and get the sizing right. The team at Comet Cycles understands this and will work with you to get the right mix of control, confidence and value. It is also a challenge to keep a new bike a surprise for birthdays and Christmas, so sometimes we need to work with you to do some sneaky sizing!

Come talk to us about the bike that is right for your child and check out our awesome range that will have the little ones spinning with excitement!

Our Brands

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