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What is preventative maintenance?  The regular and routine maintenance of equipment in order to keep them running and prevent any unplanned downtime from unexpected equipment failure

If you’re the kind of rider who just wants to get out and ride, we can tailor a servicing schedule for the year, based off your unique riding as we understand every rider is different!

We can do everything required, minor servicing and adjustments, to custom builds, facing, reaming, chasing tapping of frames, electronic work such as DI2, AXS and EPS, wheel building, you name it we have you covered.

We work on a quote first-work later system. All bikes will be quoted before any works are carried out as this ensures the best possible outcome for the customer and leaves no nasty surprises when you pick your bike up.

Our aim at Comet is minimum turn around servicing, although in the busier months we can be booked out a couple of weeks in advance. Ensuring your bike is booked in for an appointment and no special parts are needed it is a SAME day service. If parts are required you’re looking at a 4-5 business day turn around period.

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